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Holy shit! 2006-01-11 2:24 p.m. Those were my exact words when I went to to look at the book that I have a short story in, "Leatherwomen III: Clash of the Cultures," and saw that it's selling, used, for more than $45. Holy shit. Who wants this book that badly? I think I have three copies left. I only got one or two for free from the publisher, and I think I purchased three more (I think it was $6.95) after it came out. I gave one to E-nymph for being my 10,000th visitor to my Diaryland site.

Everything is still going well. Had a great Xmas Hanukkah with Jake and Sarah, Jake's mom, Three, Deb and me, and three cops.

Deb and I will be in Austin next week for her annual birthday trip. I've never been there, so I'm looking forward to it. Airfare was expensive. Luckily it's attached to a business trip for me, so at least we only have to pay for Deb's, and most of the hotel is on the company dime.

I have tons of work to get done this afternoon, so I apologize for the brief, not terribly amusing entry. I have funny photos of a stuffed monkey whose head Dax gutted, just no time to post them. Trust me, they're hilarious.

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